If you choose to report something anonymously, we will not be able to contact you directly and offer you any advice or support. It's important to us that we provide you with the support you need so if you would prefer to be contacted by an adviser, please complete a report with contact details.


Bullying is offensive, intimidating or malicious behaviour that makes you feel vulnerable, upset, humiliated, undermined or threatened. 

It can include a wide of range of behaviours, for example;
  • shouting at, being sarcastic towards, ridiculing or demeaning others
  • physical or psychological threats
  • overbearing and intimidating levels of supervision
  • inappropriate and/or derogatory remarks about someone's performance
  • abuse of authority or power by those in positions of seniority
  • deliberately excluding someone


Harassment is when someone repeatedly behaves in a way that makes you feel scared, distressed or threatened. It can include things like verbal abuse, bullying, jokes, or posting comments about you on social media.




There are two ways you can tell us what happened