As part of the We Get It campaign launched in February 2014 both the UMSU and the UoM agreed to adopt the principles outlined by the National Union of Students (NUS) on zero tolerance to sexual harassment. 

'There are two key ways in which we ensure that the environment we wish to create becomes a reality. The first is by charging managers and advisors with the responsibility for ensuring that staff and students are neither harassed nor discriminated against.  The second is to foster an environment in which there is no tolerance of discriminatory, bullying or harassing behaviour from any member of staff or any student (Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell  President and Vice Chancellor).'

Sexual Harassment

The UMSU has been an NUS-accredited Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Union since 2010. This accreditation stems from an initiative run by the NUS Women’s Campaign, to encourage all Student Unions to adopt a zero tolerance approach to sexual harassment. This included action to: 

  • Inform people about what constitutes sexual harassment
  • Explain that it isn’t tolerated and explain that if someone experiences sexual harassment and it is witnessed or reported, the appropriate complaints process will be initiated.
  • Establish clear reporting pathways for people to complain.

                                                                                          (Adapted, NUS Women’s Campaign; 2010) 

Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination 

In November 2014 the We Get It campaign and its zero tolerance approach was extended to include all forms of bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and discrimination.  

A zero tolerance approach in this context is not about prescribed penalities no matter the severity of the offence. It is about stating clearly that we believe that certain behaviours are unacceptable and that if they are witnessed or reported then appropriate and easily accessible complaints processes are in place to deal with them. It is also about making sure people know we take a zero tolerance approach to these behaviours, and understand the potential sanctions that can be imposed on them. It is intended that this approach should protect everyone in our community from bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and discrimination.


There are two ways you can tell us what happened